A decentralised Cryptocurrency trading platform that tackles the macro behaviours and emotions of trading.

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Last year I was asked to be an advisor for a Cryptocurrency trading platform called Gimmer a sophisticated decentralized trading platform, incorporating advanced trading indicators and Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making tools in auto trading bots. The platform is quick and easy to use and accessible to all customers, no matter what their background or level of trading experience.

I was asked to discuss the key things about Gimmer that makes it stand out and how this solution tackles the macro behaviours and emotions of trading.

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What do you find attractive about the Gimmer project?

I love the fact it is democratising crypto trading. Accessibility to the market requires two things: tools and technology on the one hand (such as building strategies to trade in a 24/7 environment), and knowledge (understanding the complexities of each coin) on the other. Other trading platforms require some degree of technical knowledge to be able to run automated strategies. The timing is right for a long term disruptive platform like Gimmer to come along and change the market.

As an adviser what expertise will you be bringing to Gimmer and why is it relevant?

My experience includes heading up digital transformation and organisational innovation projects for financial services providers. I also have an MSc in Cyberpsychology, the psychology of our use of internet enabled technologies. So, I have a strong background in understanding how digital technology is applied to real business situations, technology and data strategy and I’ll be using those skills and experience to support Gimmer’s development, user experience and data management.

Where do you see Gimmer in 1–5 years?

I see Gimmer as the most widely used trading platform globally and now is the perfect timing to begin that expansion. Gimmer will open the market up to more traders more rapidly than would be the case otherwise. This is good for the whole sector as easy to use and intuitive interfaces that bring in more people help to prevent just a small group of people dominating and controlling the market.

Name one or two things about Gimmer that makes it stand out?

The social and shared element — developing a bot strategy and renting it – really stands out to me. It is very much in the spirit of decentralisation and democratising power. I am very interested in the psychology of sharing and, while there are complex and fundamental strategies that sit behind the tech, the macro behaviours of trading don’t change very much. People still trade on emotion across countries and regardless of expertise and Gimmer offers a way to take the emotion out of trading.

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On 4th September 2019

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